The 2017-18 season is just around the corner!  Here are some dates to put on your calendar!

November 1st and/or November 6th - New to wrestling, come see what its about - If you are new to wresting and want to find out more before season starts?  We will be holding two sessions where parents and kids can come learn about wrestling and see if it's a sport your child would like to try.  We will hold these two session from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Mizzou wrestling room (4th floor of Hearnes Center).  You can park on the east side of Hearnes and enter through the field house.  Feel free to attend one or both sessions.
November 13th Regular Session begins.  We will practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Our schedule may change depending on MU Basketball games.

Columbia Wrestling Club (CWC) teaches 5 to 14 year-old youths (must be 5 years old as of November 14 and in Kindergarten) the sport of wrestling, with a focus on the fundamentals, sportsmanship, fun and teamwork of wrestling. CWC is dedicated to providing a positive wrestling experience for children in the Columbia, Missouri area. New wrestlers and experienced wrestlers are welcome to join.

One of the great things about wrestling is that it mirrors life. The life skills that kids can learn from wrestling can be applied to school and their everyday life, both as kids and as adults. Setting goals, visualizing success, working hard, persevering and overcoming obstacles in order to reach your goals -- this cycle repeats itself over and over in wrestling, and in life. Win or lose, if kids can learn these life skills during their time spent wrestling then it will have been a success for all involved.

The goal of the Columbia Wrestling Club is to help kids and their families develop a love and passion for the sport of wrestling. We want our families to have fun, enjoy practice and look forward to competition. Win or lose, the goal of CWC and our families should be the same -- have fun and do everything possible to help develop a passion for the sport of wrestling.

Kids develop at different levels and some pick up things a lot faster than others. Some of the best wrestlers that CWC has ever had did not start out that way, and some of our early success stories end up not even wrestling in high school. Once a kid becomes passionate about wrestling, or any other sport, a lot of really good things can happen. However, if the emphasis early on becomes too much about winning and kids are not having fun, they will never have the chance to develop the passion that is necessary to keep them interested. CWC has produced some outstanding young men and they all had fun and developed a passion for wrestling before they really experienced a lot of success.

We wrestle every Monday and Wednesday during the season UNLESS we have inclement weather or interference with MU's practices.  Parents will be notified of any changes in advance via e-mail and the website.  Practice is held at the Hearnes Field House, fourth floor wrestling room.

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